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Hello Community Builder,
My name is Sushmita Jain, a Business Mentor, known as the Community Queen & The Indefatigable Biz Strategist.
I specialize guiding business owners to massively scale their business by helping them build their loyal customer base.

After all, running a successful business is much more than chasing leads each day!

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Done for you Service

To Establish your Corporate Identity or to Generate your Message Creation for your Specific new or Old Brand, connect to receive Fawesome Done for you strategies to Market yourself or your Products!


If you are here looking forward to receiving Tips, Advice OR Help regarding Online Marketing to get yourself ahead in the game! Must say you are at the Right Place. Don't hesitate just Contact Me and the rest is history!

Specific Program Management

If in case you are Looking for some Obsolete Marketing or Advertising Strategies for any of your Special or Specific Programs or Just need a Helping Hand to execute your Awesome Marketing Strategy for a specific program, remember you can always look out to contact!

1:1 Coaching

Whether you need a 1:1 Coaching or Consulting or say a Specific Strategy making Ring Up Feel free to Contact me to avail the service! Ranging from a single 60-minute Call onto the Regular Monthly Strategy Calls I look forward to work on personalized offers where we can exercise precise steps together to move your business ahead with Accountability!

Online Courses

If you are Looking forward to taking your Business a Level Up and take things more seriously, these Online Courses are created for you! Ranging from Free To Paid you will find all kinds here! Plus, new ones keep on coming too! Stay Tuned!

Group Coaching

Do you love to grow with like-minded people than being coached alone?

No worries I have got you covered lets connect you with like-minded partners and work together!

What They say...

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Goutam Soni DG Creatives

Sushmita is one of the most innovative and creative Branding Consultants there is today. With her hunger to be out of the box creative and the way she always comes out with ideas that are jaw-dropping and unique.. you can be sure that they will take your business to heights you only dreamt of... I wish I could give her more stars than just 5.. she is definitely EXCELLENCE PERSONIFIED..!! Great going....keep up the awesome work..:-)

Excellent work with valuable information .. great work

Tanya Lexi Bora Virtual

Sushmita is an exceptionally talented and intuitive Business Strategist who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs on their journey in transforming their passions to profit. Her expertise comes through effortlessly and I knew instantly that she would help me reach the next level in my business goals. Working with Sushmita enabled me to achieve the breakthrough I needed to prepare to launch my business. During our sessions, her instincts on what I wanted to achieve were always on point. Her approach as a Business Strategist holistic in that she focuses on all aspects of running a business such as the entrepreneur mindset, how to focus on overall health to avoid burnout, how to remain authentic in business and still be successful whilst working with your ideal client. If you have hit a snag in your business journey and need some direction and guidance, reach out to Sushmita and you will not be disappointed!


Elizabeth Wanderlust Owner at Digital Travel Guru
I highly recommend using services offered by Sushmita. The quality of work is of an excellent standard and to your specification. Also, the website has some fantastic information and great resources. Please check them out or contact her to discuss your needs or any services you require.

Great Work! Sushmita Jain Offers more than just her skills, she gives you her heart along with it, every video or post helps you in one way or another.

Sushmita is the most helpful and warm person I'comever came across with online. I had a timed appointment with her, but she went beyond that to give me advice and direction (which she didn't have to). She genuinely likes to help people - especially those that are starting up and she is passionate about what she has to offer. Definitely, recommend her services.

Sushmita is such a lovely and caring person. When I feel down, I can talk to her or read her posts and I feel super motivated and inspired.

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