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Time to make the smart move of focusing on revenue-making tasks than being stuck in the admin loop.

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Hello there,

I'm Sushmita

A Business consultant & trainer running an outsourcing agency named ‘Looptics Solutions’ specializing in ‘Done for you’ services helping business owners with managing their business back-end to help them focus on their expertise and thrive.

After all, even small changes in your system can lead to large boost in your revenue.
So time to stop hustling alone and let’s together build the business you have always dreamt of!

It is time to

Scale your business while creating the memories you have been missing until now…

Every business owner is looking for the secret to business success.
However, the truth is, the secret to any business success is that there isn’t just one!

Rather, what matters is the implementation of the right growth strategies with the RIGHT SYSTEMS.

Already, freaking out…
Don’t worry, you don’t have to figure it out alone.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, a high-level consultant, an agency, or a small business I & my team are here to guide you towards business growth via handling your business backend like oversee project management, manage your daily operations.

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Our primary goal is:

To strengthen your business for long term sustainable profits instead of testing tactics that kill your profits.

To us, strategizing your business is all about getting your systems, processes pointing in the right direction & giving your company a competitive edge like brag-worthy client experiences so ultimately you do build a long-term sustainable business.

What we offer :

Want to discuss the details?

Some love notes,

we have earned!

Love how Sushmita is leaving a positive impact on the Buffer community. She brings deep level of wisdom & thankfulness that is unparalleled.

I am so grateful for her to be part of the team! 

Arielle Tannenbaum

Community Strategist at Buffer

Sushmita is an exceptionally talented and intuitive Strategist who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs on their journey in transforming their businesses. Her expertise comes through effortlessly and I knew instantly that she would help me reach the next level in my business goals. Working with Sushmita enabled me to achieve the breakthrough I needed to prepare to launch my business.

Tanya Lexi

Bora Virtual

Sushmita Jain and her team is just incredible. Have never seen better organisational skills + keeping you on track + great prices

Guna Meldere

Brand Stylist & Pinterest Strategist

Business organizing on the go,

Connect with me as well as thousands of like-minded business owners to get no-nonsense advice & proven strategies to help you boost your business growth to new levels of success.

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