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Need help with organizing your business?

Do you want to boost your business profits without tech overwhelm or running cookie cutter launch systems that drain you as a creative entrepreneur?  

My name is Sushmita, and together we can change your business for good!

Let’s work together in bringing organization, innovation, customer support as well as business operations, by merging traditional systems & processes with new-age creative principles, tools & strategy.

“You do not have the skill & sensitivity required to run a business,” she said while I sat on my dining table having dinner with my family moments after I had announced I was quitting my research intern job to pursue my dream.

There was awkward science everywhere, the dinner she thought would be a celebration of her daughter’s first research thesis publishing had suddenly turned the house filled with mourning, but it was too late I had made my mind.

9 years later, here I am running business backends to massively scale my client’s businesses by helping them build & retain their inner community, i.e. their team.

When they labeled me an Underdog little did they know I am a rebel who loves to construct her own path!

I still remember it when my teacher said “She is a Diamond who loves to keep herself hidden ”, to my mother during one of the Parents-Teacher meetings…

Back then as a kid, I was puzzled by what did he meant, what was he trying to imply, was it a compliment, or was he complaining?

It was a mystery I tried to find the answer for, for months – yet couldn’t, I mean we both were each other’s favorites so I was dying to solve that puzzle back then…

But just like they say, time passed by and I forgot the puzzle I was trying to unlock…

But you must be wondering why are we diving deep into this incident, Right?

That’s because the day when unlocked the puzzle was the day I changed my LIFE!

Hence, since you are here today at the doorway to the digital universe where we connect I would love to connect with you like an open book, coz that is how I am…

However, here is a surprise, I was not always an open book…
Rather I loved under the radar (remember what my teacher said, lol) only those who were my close friends had a slight idea of who I truly was.

But sometimes life loves to push you than to spoon-feed you everything your life…
In fact, I am glad life did or else I would have never truly realized my true worth…

Right from being the black sheep of the family to un-appreciating business partners to health issues, I had to go through a lot…
From where I come from, I am born and brought up in a family from the service sector background, while they were breeding an army of engineers and doctors I wanted to construct my own path.

Science did excite me but not as much as business systems, processes & marketing, they were my secret love…

Yet, for the love of family, I became this little achiever.
I went out and walked on the same path that everyone around me was walking on. I became an engineer too!
When I was 22 I got my 1st job at a research lab, my boss showed he never believed in me, but just his act of hiring me revealed the opposite.

I went for it for 6 months, because I wasn’t really concerned about the money, I just wanted his approval. 6 months later after our ups & downs, fights, and agreements when my 1st theses was signed, I failed to feel content about my work.
After all, it was more about approval from others than what I truly wanted to work on.

Hence, the day my boss signed my 1st thesis & research I decided to quit my all set job…
Everyone around me right from my friends to my family was certain that I had lost it all.

However, when I stepped in the unknown I had thought I had won the biggest battle of all…

I started my business as a freelance marketer but it failed.

Not because I was a failure with no results on my side,
On the contrary, it was the other way around, I was successful with client results like 5k to almost 10k launches for my clients, yet somehow there was a lack of connecting with my work.

I hated my business partners, they had me just for my efficiency…
And the moment they thought they had found who could replace me well, they stabbed my back…

I was devastated, but it helped me reflect back…Coz all this time even with the switch in my profession I still continued to work only from my intellectual side which resulted in the gap.
That is when I realized, I rather wanted to help other people, I was missing the emotional connection with my work and hence I decided to get into the coaching business.

All my career when I was building my client’s brand & loyal-audience I did miss on it for myself assuming I was an introvert…
But when life pushed me in the deep sea I realized how much I love to swim, i.e. connect engage as well as build relationships with my audience.

Resulting in building a 40k+ audience in less than 8 months for my own business!

Today, based on my life experience, and life wisdom I built my structure to help those from my community.
Whether you ask online or offline, I have worked on both, and down those years lot, many things like the system of execution have evolved as well as adapt.

And, I have undergone it all practically within my journey.
It paved the way to my transformation – to me finally seeing my potential and fueling my ambition.

Today, what I build with my clients is much more than profitable businesses, rather we work on scaling with sustainability.
I help business owners turn their following into their loyal customer base so ultimately they do not have to chase leads to build a long-term sustainable business – via helping my clients build memorable & brag-worthy client experiences while the clients focus on their expertise than anything else.

If you ask me

What’s my secret weapon?

The answer to that I would say comes from my educational background.

Being an Engineer and Researcher by qualification makes me practically test my strategies before I share them with my clients as well as the experience with you all, via my blog posts. That way I’m not experimenting on you, like animal testing in the research industry.
You see, I am my own guinea pig!

For too long of my career I did hold myself back on the name of being an introvert, rather what excites me is being in the spotlight all the time to connect with the right people and help them build what they have dreamed of…

So, are you too ready,

to build your long-term vision to life while living the life of your dreams?

to run launches that excite you?

I have dedicated my life & career to run businesses back-end to systemize processes & help you achieve your goals. I don’t come into your business to take over the operations, rather I help you build as well as run systems that are the essential building blocks of every successful business and turn it into a growth driver for your company!

So, let’s work together to formulate effective systems & processes that will build your loyal customer base as well as increase your percentage of client retention to ultimately boost your business profits.

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