About Me

Hey Community Builder, glad to have you here.

Welcome to my website, the door to the digital universe where we connect!

I am Sushmita, a girl who was labeled as ‘an underdog.’ since she had big dreams in her eyes, dreams which were unconventional for the society!

I guide business owners to massively scale their business by helping them build their loyal customer base.

Other than my work, I’m an Explorer & Wanderer who also loves to read books, listen to music and cooking for me is like therapy. Oh, yes and before I forget, if you have a friendly Dog or Cat invite me over, don’t know about you but I can spend hours with your fur buddies!

You know, I am a mind reader too, I see those thought clouds popping out of your head. You are wondering digitally everybody Claims to be an Expert, am I such a Strategist too?

Well, the truth is, I have been working with Startups, as well as established Businesses since past 7 years. That provides me with the edge of experience, helping me strategize Businesses and support you on your Journey as well.

I have earned the names Community Queen & The Indefatigable Biz Strategist on account of my command over the consistent delivery of results via simplified unique methods & strategies guiding business owners towards skyrocketing growth in profits as well as brand awareness resulting in building their community of ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to turn their followers into lifetime buyers!

Whether you ask online or offline, I have worked on both, and down those years lot, many things like the system of execution have evolved as well as adapt. And, I have undergone it all practically within my journey.

When I began my Entrepreneurial journey, I had nothing to invest in, hence instead of developing or inventing a new product and manufacturing it with hefty amounts spent I went ahead with offered services to those who needed them or required them to grow their new or existing businesses to the vision they had visualized.

This gave true meaning to my life as I understand how it feels to swim against the current alone while having someone with you on the journey to support as well as assist you makes it easier to take the journey ahead.

Hence, when I decided to go Online with my services, I decided also to employ my time assisting other creative entrepreneurs with starting as well as growing their business that they love just like their babies by offering info-packed blog posts, actionable workshops, step-by-step courses, amazing resources and my free online community for Creative Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Professionals & Creative Bloggers who desire to join forces to Grow Together!

If you ask me what’s my secret weapon?

The answer to that I would say comes from my educational background.
Being an Engineer and Researcher by qualification makes me practically test my strategies before I share them with my Clients as well as the experience with you all, via my Blog posts. That way I’m not experimenting on you, like animal testing in the research industry.

You see, I am my own guinea pig!

Now, let me see, I can notice your thought cloud again; you are wondering how did the transition from a Researcher to Business Strategist take place, right?

Well, the truth is I always wanted to start something of my own, construct my identity. However, here everybody was keen on joining the rat race. For the sake of my parents, I gave it a try, however, whenever I used to get time I used to study and research the topic, as a prep to someday take that magical first step towards my dream. However, as I entered the world of 9-5 work I realized the wait to earn the bucks for investing was a long affair and I was impatient as time is a precious resource right?

Then, one fine day when I had my weekly leave from my 9-5 we met & were casually discussing with one of my friend some issues he had in his business, he suggested me to offer my expertise on the subject for their company. That was the day when I took the first step towards my journey, the journey which today has connected us as well.

The story in limited words may seem magical; however there is always another side of the coin as well, it was never easy nor smooth when it came to growing since, where I come from women are still behind the veil it’s difficult here to build your own road to accomplishing your goals.

The journey I have had has never been as easy as it seems, ranging from issues when starting up your work to taking it back to zero due to health problems and backstabbing partners, un-appreciating Clients I have experienced a lot!

Maybe that’s the reason why one of my favorite quotes is

“life is a journey with problems to be solved, lessons to learn, but most of all experiences to enjoy.”


Motivation & Persistence is the Key!

If you too have the vision or a deep-seated desire to generate profits from your Passion, consider me as your Business companion, buddy, or confidante.

It’s time to get that Idea stuck in your head to execution.

I will support you by applying a comprehensive and integrated approach to Business management & marketing by listening and understanding your concerns and objectives. By doing this, I can deliver advice and solutions tailored to help you work towards the construction of your Business. And this is coupled with one of the most essential components needed to grow your Business i.e. CARE.

Since care and the Emotional connection is a key to connect with your audience, that what brings me here as well!

Similarly, you can get started working as well.

Still, wondering how? It’s simple, Choose Your Path And Get Going…just be aware of Dream Killers who will try and engulf you in the Negativity Cloak…

In case you missed it above, inviting you to join us in a Free Community full of supportive Creative Entrepreneurs, Marketers, Professionals & Creative Bloggers who a looking forward to joining forces to Grow Together!

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