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Want to educate your audience with an IN-DEPTH understanding of SCALING a sustainable business with the RIGHT team?

Sushmita – will not only guide your audience to grow your business but also build your loyal customer base, to build an army of brand ambassadors who market your business for you with the right team!

From being an engineer running western blotting experiments, publishing her first theses, running sales teams, trading on the stock market to working & running business backend I have done a lot. 

But what excites me most is working on the systems & processes vital for smooth functioning as well as consistent growth of a business. 

Most love to follow the trail left by the world, I love to construct own path.

You see, not many can survive the journey from being a mere Freelance Marketer to a full-stack outsourcing agency owner, it is never an easy ride.

I have mastered the art of transforming a business from falling apart piece by piece to building systems that dramatically accelerates my client’s ability to accomplish their goals

For me, it’s the little things that make the big things possible, only close attention to the fine details of any operational system makes the operation first class.

Hence, when solving business problems, dig at the roots instead of just hacking at the leaves.

Varun Nair - Community Growth Marketer

We had an amazing experience doing a vodcasting with her. A very passionate and an amazing storyteller and a women entrepreneur who believes sky is not the limit and aiming for the stars!! A really experienced business strategist who welcomes ideas and discussions and provide how to solve the problem and not run behind the solution.

Ashwini RS - Web Analyst & Growth Marketer

It was an enriching experience hosting Sushmita for my Webinar. She is extremely talented, easy to get along with and a wonderful person. I would love to host more shows with you! I wish you all the good luck for all your future endeavors. Cheers

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What do they have to say?

Juliette Stapleton—Social Media Content & Connection Strategist

I invited Sushmita Jain to do a training about how to grow your audience the RIGHT way in my group Social Media Visibility that Gets Clients and I was so impressed with the quality information and real in-depth insights into what makes us connect to each other in the most authentic way. My group members absolutely loved the training and we had an amazing feedback about the amount of value they received in mere 30 minutes. I highly recommend Sushmita as an expert on community building and beyond.

Darren Danks-Life & Empowerment Coach

Love this training and as always, you have completely over-delivered. So many golden nuggets to take and implement with other strategies. 

If people implement everything you shared today, their audience will grow organically with ease! 


Sushmita Jain is the founder & chief strategist of an outsourcing agency named Looptics Solutions.

Where other outsourcing agencies fall short, her agency stands out! In fact, one can easily say it is more than any other outsourcing agency out there. 

With 40K + Social Fans, she has earned the love & trust on account of her command over the consistent delivery of results via simplified unique methods, strategies & implementation for business owners towards skyrocketing growth in profits as well as brand awareness via designing perfect fit systems & processes for her clients. She has worked with clients & businesses from various Industries from service-based entrepreneurs to startups & expanding businesses.

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