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Sushmita – will turn your audience into your life-time buyers!

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Melek Abay Posture Specalist

Sushmita goes above and beyond. Takes that extra mile for you to succeed at your passion project. Very creative and amazing personality. Thank you for everything.

Knuta Jøsok SpellZync

I thought I had the perfect strategy until I got on the call with Sushmita.

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Sushmita Jain at an event

From being an engineer running western blotting & publishing her first theses to be known as the Community Queen for her teachings around the subject the power of Branding via connecting with the RIGHT community around the globe has never been easy.

Most love to follow the trail left by the world, Sushmita loves to construct her own path.

You see, not many can survive the journey from being a mere Freelance Marketer to a Business Mentor, it is never an easy ride.

Sushmita has mastered the art of transforming a brand from being
quite “under the radar” to having the spotlight on starting with her own personal brand.

She went from being a NO ONE with zero audience of her own to having an audience of 40K+ social fans across all of the social media in just 8 months time.

She says, It is a fine balance between – ENTERTAINMENT, INTERACTION & CONTENT!

Here are few topics to choose from, or if you have some creative suggestions we are open for ideas:

  • Brand Building with Social Media to increase your revenue
  • Connecting & nurturing your Right audience
  • Step by Step system to building your community of brand ambassadors
  • The Psychology behind a Successful Brand Audience long term relationships
  • Business Psychology
  • The power of Live Streaming & OffLine Video for Successful brand & audience building
  • The internal & external communities of a sustainable business.
  • Role of employee branding in your Business Success
  • Internal Alliance Building to connect well with your external Brand Community

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Juliette Stapleton The Queen Of Visibility

Sushmita was a great guest on Show Up! Stand Out! , she was knowledgable and gave the audience great insights and advice on how to build communities authentically. There was an amazing flow to the conversation – it made this episode so enjoyable and easy to watch!

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Sushmita Jain is a Business Mentor, a Livestream Enthusiast know as the Community Queen & The Indefatigable Biz Strategist. With 40K + Social Fans, she has earned the names on account of her command over the consistent delivery of results via simplified unique methods & strategies guiding business owners towards skyrocketing growth in profits as well as brand awareness resulting in building their community of ‘Brand Ambassadors’ to turn their followers into lifetime buyers! She has worked with clients & businesses from various Industries from service-based entrepreneurs to startups & expanding businesses, yet this is just the beginning.

General & Contact Info:

Email List & Social Media Audience: 40k+

Email: [email protected]


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Ezekiel Winner Millennial CEOs

It’s a pop-popping pleasure to be here.

The amazing content being dished out by Sushmita Jain is so PREMIUM!

Darren Danks Darren Danks Coaching

Loved this training Sush and as always, you completely over-delivered! SOO many golden nuggets to take away and implement into my own strategies!

If people implement everything you’ve given them here their following will organically grow with ease! 😍😍😍

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