One hack to increase your client retention & business profit!

One hack to increase your client retention & business profit!

by Sushmita Jain

Just having satisfied customers isn't good enough anymore

Yes or no?

Whether you already have your own business or plan to start a new one this year, you will agree with me when I say “Most businesses find it hard to get clients.?


However, let me ask you something, but what’s even more challenging is getting your clients to stay your clients. 

Raise your hand, if you agree!

I bet you just raised your hand while reading the article; I love that you are focused on the reading, but now let’s go back to the topic. 

I believe client retention marks the precision of quality and success of a business. 

Client turnover is one of the biggest challenges faced by many brands. It requires the business to constantly engage, communicate and improve to ensure that their clients are happy and satisfied with their services.

Client turnover, also known as the churn rate, is the percentage of customers or clients who cancel your services or don’t renew their subscriptions. In simple terms, they are customers who stop doing business with you. This can be due to many reasons. And as a business owner, you can’t afford to keep losing clients, can you? 


It takes effort to bring them on board, and It takes effort to keep them on board. 

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This is why you need to reduce your churn rate or, in other words, increase your customer retention & boost your profits.

Are you feeling the pressure rising?

Are you sweating or making your poker face while trying to think of a solution?

No worries, I have ONE suggestion you could start implementing right after reading this article.

Yes, you did read that right, one suggestion for now.

Is that the only way?

No, there are other solutions too, but I would suggest you start with this one.

A straightforward step most business owners miss out on.

Here is one mistake I have seen businesses commit over the past decade, intentional or not.

Businesses often constantly communicate with their prospects and have them on-board. And soon as the prospect becomes their clients, I see the communication weakens or sometimes even stops. 


It leads the new clients to lose trust and often lose both your clients and your credibility.

So then, what’s the solution?

The key is to make your clients happy and constantly maintaining communication with them. 

Only when you communicate can you understand their expectations and grievances regarding your services and help you work on improving them.

One small step of building and setting up the communication channels will help you get ahead of your business, keep your clients, increase your client’s level of trust, loyalty, and respect for your brand. 

Helping you fetch higher credibility and word of recommendation for your business.

 Are you thinking, Sush, it’s easy to say but difficult to keep up? 

Keep reading to know how we can maintain effective communication while growing clientele.

YES, communication is an ongoing process!

For instance, many of us often, while attracting our prospect; offer great advice, information and suggestions to showcase knowledge and understanding; this persuades the prospect to become our client.

But then once the conversion when you tend to relax and start communicating less often make your clients feel neglected. On-going communication with your clients via emails, phone calls, and even meetings to remind them that you are here if they need, is important.

Communicate with your clients to ask for their feedback, address their issues and ways they want their services to be offered. This effective communication will let them know that you are doing your job and haven’t forgotten them.

How to communicate?

Although we discussed this in brief in the above paragraph, it’s essential to understand the different ways in which you can use communication as a tool for client retention. In this section, we will be discussing 4 tips to help you.

1.Be responsive

If your customer/client has an issue or a doubt, address it immediately and work on resolving it. Being responsive shows that you are on your toes and alert about your clients. This makes the client relieved and trust they are in the right hands. The last thing you want to do is ignore your clients till they complain about your services and choose to leave or discontinue.

2.Keep in touch

It is vital to stay in touch with clients regularly. Put out valuable content, offer them polite suggestions to keep them engaged with your brand. Take time to wish them on special occasions, send offer letters to sign up, thank them for their loyalty and remind them that you and your team are here to support them. Building meaningful client relationships and increase their loyalty, and offer an overall positive experience with your business.

3.Ask for feedback and address them

Like said before, your client’s wants should never be ignored. Ensure that you respond to them promptly when an issue is mentioned. Apart from this, ask them for their feedback every few months and get their suggestions on how they want you as a business to improve. Don’t just listen to their feedback, but actually try to work on it. This is the best way to grow your business and make your clients feel that their opinion matters.

4.Stay Consistent

All of the above included, the key of using effective communication to reduce client turnover is as important as staying consistent with it. Don’t be all over the client in the first few months, and then completely ignore them later. Stay consistent in your tone, approach, and actively listen to your clients throughout their association with you.


I hope these tips helped!

Work on implementing them and share how you feel or if you have any questions!

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