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Engage Your Members Better right from DAY 1 So They Never Leave?

When you’re not launching is the best time to set these systems up.

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I want to congratulate you on planning to launch your membership!
It’s a smart move well done.
Soon you will have these members who joined you on this new adventure…

However here is the harsh truth, by the time you’re a year in your launches are only topping off the members who left. It might start to feel a bit stagnant and you might be wondering… “is this membership thing really worth it if I’m constantly trying to get new members in?”

The KEY to a successful thriving membership business is RETENTION. People join things every day but they only stay where they feel the connection!

Grab my SOP bundle highlighting 5 areas of your membership that should streamline from day 1. The bundle will be available for you in the next few days as I am working on updating them and adding more lessons and experience-backed information with you.


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Sushmita Ma’am is a highly committed professional. She adds tremendous value to teams and to the society through her multifaceted work. She is both a people-driven leader and an effective team player.
Chitra Lele
The Savvy Synergist
Sushmita is fantastic at what she does! Her knowledge in business, planning and community building is superb. There have been times when I’ve struggled with various aspects of building a strong community but I know Sushmita will always help and clarify things for me.
Darren Danks
Life & Empowerment Coach
Love how Sushmita is leaving a positive impact on the Buffer community. She brings deep level of wisdom & thankfulness that is unparalleled. I am so grateful for her to be part of the team!
Arielle Tannenbaum
Community Strategist at Buffer
Sushmita Jain and her team is just incredible. Have never seen better organisational skills + keeping you on track + great prices
Guna Meldere
Brand Stylist & Pinterest Strategist
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Sushmita Jain

Business & Customer Retention Strategist, Consultant, and an Outsourcing agency owner – the hats I wear on a day-to-day basis- have helped me earn the title ‘The Indefatigable Biz Strategist.’

With 40K + Social Fans, I, as well as my team, is known for my command over the consistent delivery of results & simplified strategies guiding business owners towards skyrocketing growth in sustainable profits and brand awareness.

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