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It’s the final post in this four-part series about organization. Our final post will be doing an overview of blog post organization.

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When I first started blogging, I focused on blogging for the simple sake of blogging. I enjoyed writing and allow my thoughts to flow from my brain to my fingers to the screen in front of me. I felt more relaxed and a lot more at ease when I was able to sit and allow my thoughts to flow. When you blog for fun, you do not feel the usual stress related to blogging. Rather you find it helps relieve any anxiety or stress in your life.


When you blog for fun with no strategy in mind, you could blog about cats one day and dogs the next. There is no strategy in place to hold you down. Your audience would simply just flow with your posts and realize they do not have any rhyme or meaning. For some that run personal blogs, this would be perfectly acceptable.


If you are a service based website owner with a blog, you must have some sort of organization. This will allow you to make the most out of your blog posts. Not only will they give you a boost in SEO in terms of content, but it will also allow you to fuel your social media platforms. If you post a new post once a week, one of your social media posts should be shouting out your new blog post. Boom, one post knocked out for the week.


If you are one of those who likes to organize their content with a content planner or in advance, this is for you.


Start off with one topic or idea. Let’s say in this example: Blogging.


You would then break up blogging into a series or four posts. Each post would be about your main topic (blogging) but then broken down into a deeper subject. This could be about content, graphics, opt-ins, and ideas for blog posts. Boom. Four post ideas that all link together. This will help create back links within your website and provide you with another boost in SEO.


These easy practices help with SEO, too? Yes, indeed!


Now that you have the four posts in mind, you will want to focus on developing those posts to flow. If you start into the first topic, you want to start to lead into the second one and allow the reader to connect to it. By giving them these little snippets, it keeps them reading and coming back for more!


Once you have those posts connected with similar topics, you will want to create one opt-in then for all of these posts. No point in having several opt-ins if you can simply have one to connect them all together! Link the posts and the profit!



Let’s recap the process of organizing your blog posts:


Pick a topic.

Create four different sub-topics.

Write the content and link the posts together.

Create one opt-in for the entire post.

Four steps, four blog posts, potential four figure income. Just based around writing your blog content to link your audience to what you have to share with them!

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