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Remember how I mentioned in the first post of this series about Trello? It’s back again in our series to highlight about organizing social media posts for the week.

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Before I started using Trello, I started off by focusing on organizing within an Excel spreadsheet. Trying to put in images, text, times, etc. Trust me, do not go that route unless you have a deep passionate love affair with Excel. It was really hard to keep things organized and trying to move those images from Excel to Buffer was a nightmare. I would never recommend to anyone to use a method that requires them more steps.


This method also will work a lot better if you like to write out your group posts and then just copy and paste them into the group. You can see your week as a whole and design your strategy. I have found this to work a lot easier for both my social media postings and my group postings.


If you are like me, I get ideas for social media posts and want to get those written out with images before I scheduled them into Buffer. Trello offers this opportunity. I cannot stress how easy it is to move the ideas under the day to be completed. It makes it simple and easy to be able to draft, complete, then schedule the posts into Buffer.


Here’s my process for social media and Facebook group postings:

This is simple keeping it simple for example’s sake.


As you can see, I have named one board as simply “Social Media for Blank Slate”. Each list is named after the days of the week which has then allowed me to be able to keep them all organized underneath that day. You could do a list for each group or platform with the days as cards too.


As you can see, I then have one social post per day and one group posting that I have created. When I go to schedule my posts or do my group post for the day, I simply just grab the post from the list. It’s. So. Easy.


For all the posts that you have completed, you are able to archive the card or make another list to store the completed posts to be reused. Editing and reusing posts in new groups or other social media platforms is now easier than ever!


The possibilities are endless with Trello and organizing your social media posts. This has saved loads of time and has allowed me to be more than just organized…but also very strategic with my social media posts!

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