One change that helped me explode my business…from local to global!

Sharing 1 investment that boosted me outgrow my initial 6-year growth in just 12 months!

One investment can boost your growth, know how!

“This is going to destroy your career”, my mom said, in a surprised, irritated tone when I shared with her I was about to switch my career.

It was a special night, we were having the delicious Indian dinner she had cooked especially for me, as we were celebrating the signing of my 1st thesis getting published.

She was happy & excited about my win.

But, I had altogether different plans for my career in mind…

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I remember the look in her eyes, from excited & happy to surprised as well as disappointed.

In fact, let me tell you something, sometimes I still can see it in her eyes when even after years of transition.

When I started, I was a mere freelance marketer finding & constructing her way in the wild.

When everyone around me was busy following the heard, I came across an unknown trail & decided to follow along.

The journey from a mere freelance marketer to a business mentor was never an easy ride, it had its ups & downs, mix as well as matches but always would make a way to build me more strong. Taking me one step closer to my goal.

However, when it comes to investments, even though one of the best you can make is in yourself, yet my limiting beliefs would hold me back!

I realized,

I would always make sure I would invest in my work, my business but when it came back to investing back in myself I would find all reasons on earth to procrastinate!

I had a thriving business, I was the core of my team that hooked the team together and hold them up from falling apart…

I was making more money than any average consultant from my industry would make in my country.

I had crazy success like successful $5K deal closing for clients when they were about to give up on their offers.

I was living the dream, yet I was stupid enough to always lay quite “under the radar”.

Resulting…when my worst nightmare came to life in 2016 I like a phoenix had to build myself up from the ashes!

This is a part of life I have never shared with anyone at all, it has never been easy, coz when your trust n belief is broken by those who you blindly trust it is a lesson that is had to share with others…

But, still what matters is one thing…

Learning from the lessons and the real-life nightmares you live through…So did I.

When I picked myself up with my broken and shattered dreams fallen prey to in-house politics, I knew one thing a mistake that I had always overlooked…

The building of my


That one investment when I made via finding the right source to guide me through I grew my business from being a behind the stage to being in the spotlight ALWAYS!

The investment in my personal brand helped me grow my brand from being, no-one to being the Community Queen.

Today, when I look back, the names I have earned, are on account of my work, I know one thing very well, work when shared and presented in the right and strategic way to your audience that is when it generates the buzz and connections.

Or else it is just a piece of content.

My journey from being a heartbroken & shattered lioness to becoming the Community Queen connected with 40K + audience is a by-product of the right investments.

So, if you are currently stuck on making a decision for yourself then think about the returns you will make on account of the investment and use it as a motivating force for you to make the decision.

Employ the initial days of the 2nd Quarter, to build a solid foundation for a rocking 2019!

What do you say, are you pumped to enter 2nd Quarter 2019 with the best investments in yourself?

Let me know, in the comments below 👇


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Until next time, See you soon!

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