Test with Elementor

Coss Svenska CO. Case Study Here’s how we increased engagement, decreased response time, and generated more high quality leads. 0 + New Leads 0 k Likes 0 % Increase Previous Next Ante metus dictum at tempor commodo ullamcorper a lacus vestibulum. Egestas diam in arcu cursus euismod. Consequat id porta nibh venenatis cras sed felis […]

Build your big idea – find what you need and stay with it.

Michael and I had one goal: to create a business we could sell that would take us closer to our dream, instead of surviving week-to-week working for someone else. What’s our dream? To live aboard our own yacht, chartering to guests for six months of the year and exploring this planet for the rest of […]

Organizing Four Key Areas Of Your Business.

Blog Post Organization   It’s the final post in this four-part series about organization. Our final post will be doing an overview of blog post organization. When I first started blogging, I focused on blogging for the simple sake of blogging. I enjoyed writing and allow my thoughts to flow from my brain to my […]

Organizing Four Key Areas Of Your Business.

Organizing Your Social Media Posts   Remember how I mentioned in the first post of this series about Trello? It’s back again in our series to highlight about organizing social media posts for the week.   Before I started using Trello, I started off by focusing on organizing within an Excel spreadsheet. Trying to put […]

Organizing Four Key Areas Of Your Business.

Organizing the Flow of Your Landing Page   You are a monkey. Where’s the banana?   Ah, here it is!   This is your target audience searching your website. They are the monkey looking for their banana!   Can you easily find it with your website? If you answer is no, this blog post is […]

Marketing tools for small business, to make your life easier!

Marketing differs from selling but is the connection between the Company & its Consumers. The American Marketing Association has defined marketing as “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Whether a Business is small or big marketing […]