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  • Factors driving brand loyalty
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  • Ideas on how to take better care of your clients & strengthen the client relationship

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Did you know 77% of brands could disappear, and no one would care.

Some of the most prominent brands are still being cherished, but most of the others are quite simply dispensable. It is time to build your brand loyalty…

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From stuck to clear vision!

I thought I had the perfect strategy until I got on the call with Sushmita. Not only did she showcase the errors on my original one, but she also helped me start building a new one. I was stuck, but now I can see clear again. If you are on the fence, close your eyes and jump, you’ll end up in a magical place you don’t wanna leave!

Knuta Jøsok

Sushmita Jain

Business Strategist specialized in brand loyalty & customer retention

Business Consultant – Community Strategist – Speaker – Trainer know as The Indefatigable Biz Strategist for my command over the consistent delivery of results & simplified strategies guiding business owners towards skyrocketing growth in profits as well brand awareness.

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