Why’s there the Need for Creativity & Innovation in Entrepreneurship?

Did you know

Kantylyvn defined the term entrepreneurship for the first time.

The term was coined based on the beginning of all phases of human life including the foundation of human development plus progress.

Traditionally entrepreneurship has been defined as the process of designing, launching and running a new business.

If you ask me, who’s an Entrepreneur?

An Entrepreneur is such a person if an opportunity doesn’t knock, the door of an entrepreneur, they will build a road that leads him to the perfect door!

Scott Belsky, the co-founder of Behance has said:

“It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen.”


Need for Creativity & Innovation in Entrepreneurship

Therefore when it comes to making things happen, it’s that creativity goes hand in hand with innovation, reformation as well as discovery since there is no innovation without creativity.
You need to think creative as well as innovative when building an opportunity to benefit from.
Building & Developing an opportunity cannot be taken lightly, plus the work done will go in vain especially if one chases the same path which everyone has known.

When an entrepreneur is designing a new business, it may be an upgrade to a product which is accessible in the market or an invention which is newly originated in the market.

Isn’t it?

Today we live in an era of transformation & change where owing to globalization plus excessive industrialization each day there are countless products launched how many of them do we all remember or how nay of them do catch our eye.

Today’s consumer has access to several kinds of products, goods as well as services even when ranging in type as well as quality.


So now you tell me,
How can one even consider of providing a product in markets where the same product consumers already have their trusted preferences and yet if they plan to switch to new Brand, they have so many alternatives to choose from?

How can one get a product, merchandise or even goods stand out from the rest of the competition?

Hence, today the major primary concern of any entrepreneur is with either developing new products, i.e. the talent to bring something new to the market causing innovation in the play to bring the best ideas within into existence.
Or when it comes to service providers like us, we may offer similar services like others, however, what differs me from any other Business Strategist is, that I have my own way of execution which my Clients connect to!

The term Entrepreneurship has always been affiliated with innovation, creativity.
It is so vital and also interdependent that Drucker believes entrepreneurship without creativity and innovation does not bear any fruits at all.


The few reasons where Creativity leads to success is

Creativity channels in creating new ideas as to bring in the competitive advantage when launching.

Like for instance, Micromax today’s tenth largest smartphone vendor in the world it’s founder Rahul Sharma once noticed a public call office being powered by a truck battery since of frequent power cuts in its locale. It was this that inspired him to launch a feature telephone with an extended battery life for people.

Later, Micromax launched X1i, it’s first ever telephone with a month-long battery back-up from the inspiration, and since then they have been constructing a path of their own.

They joined the segment of the mobile phone when everyone was in a race to buy a smartphone but what they did differently was they made mobile handsets in the low-cost feature phone segment in India. Where there are many can’t afford an iPhone or a Samsung Note or S series phones, therefore making their way in the Indian Markets with open hands.

We must admit, the whole process of entrepreneurship is rooted in the core principle of creation plus exploration of new ideas.

Hence whenever any entrepreneur is successfully able to create a new concept that is feasible as well as efficient, it gives him an extra edge over the competition, it’s this healthy competition which pushes us as well every time to think out of the box.


Innovating new ways to develop product plus improve the business.

Once one enters the market with the changing and always evolving markets, one cannot stick to the same product time and again.

Hence, in this case, Creativity & Innovation helps the evolution of new ways to improve an existing product or service to optimizing your business and taking it ahead of advancements.

I always believe there is always invariable room for improvement when an innovative entrepreneur can encash the opportunity to develop the business adapting and evolving which proves wonders.

If we take a peek at world’s top 10 most innovative companies list, it includes the names Apple, Google, 3M, GE, Toyota, Microsoft, P&G, IBM, Samsung, and Intel

Known by us all, Right?

In this case an instant Yes, would be the response.

In fact, it’s the innovations as well as the developments in the products offered by them which attracts us to them.



Think the unthinkable.

Creativity is the capability to design new and also unique ideas.

Hence being creative requires imagination to explore the wild and unknown trials, to produce the most obscure or vague ideas which no one else could think about.

It;s the imagination, plus the vision that is required to cross the boundary of usual and ordinary or to think outside the box. Which then can be developed and executed in the course.

Same way this way of thinking outside the box helps entrepreneurs to think beyond the conventional solutions to come up with being new yet having the essence of their mission giving the potential to succeed.

Such an example which I would like to share is Amul, which is an Indian dairy cooperative with small farmers in a non-exploitive plus a collaborative way it was established back in 1946. It started as an answer to the exploitation of marginal milk producers by tradesmen or agents & when you look at it today has grown to be jointly owned by 3.6 million milk producers located in the Indian state Gujarat.

Amul has always been an inspiration to several, it inspired so many such organizations which were established later.


Development of new niches

In entrepreneurship, it is vital to bring new as well as novel aspects to traditional business and explore the developments of the events.

The development or change can be brought in various ways like for instance,

Changing the process of manufacturing the product or

The method of service delivery i.e. How the products or service are they supplied to the user?

Or the development of the emotional connection of a product or service with the user utilizing it.

All these areas can create a niche that has great potential in business.
Also, until now I believed in just working on a generalized niche for me which is being a Business Strategist, however when it’s your Mentor that enlightens you will lessons, its challenge to work with like now I am narrowing down my niche further and loving the challenge.

Similarly, I would like to share beBee an affinity networking website they offer their users best of both the world professional as well as personal. It is the best social network for sharing and creating content.

The Co-founder and CEO at beBee Javier beBee says

I see beBee like a bridge between Facebook and LinkedIN. You can enjoy both sides of you. However, in the past few couple of years even Facebook if you look at with offerings so vast has become the one social network for all.

It’s just that, in the case of Facebook and LinkedIn it’s an algorithm which decides who and which followers will see one’s content, while on beBee the user themselves decide for themselves. This website is focused on networking through common interests.

Which I think Facebook will in some time work out as well, like for instance whenever you check out FB is bound to surprise you, isn’t it!


What do you think, do you agree with the need of Creativity & Innovation in Entrepreneurship?

What is your take on it?

Can you list any other reasons why Creativity leads to success?

Share your views in the comment section below!

That’s an interesting topic, isn’t it!

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I am a Business Strategist. I help business owners Build their Brands and make them irresistible, profitable & simple to run. I want to help you build your social media, and it's marketing, business growth and digital strategy with confidence, so they're not just successful, but authentic as well as reliable. Other than work I am a traveler and explorer, looking and Searching for what Life has new to Offer.

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