Organizing Four Key Areas Of Your Business.

Organization for the Solopreneur


Welcome! For those who do not know me, hello! My name is Ashley Schackow and I own Blank Slate Media Consulting! I focus on creating groundbreaking websites for entrepreneurs that wish to stand out from their competition. I have been in business since August 2016 and have learned a lot about organization with your businesses. In this four part series, we are going to focus on organizing four key areas of your business.


Today’s focus is on organizing your tasks for your business.

  • Let’s start with what did not work in my business:
  • Just winging it.
  • Hoping I would remember everything including the little requests made by clients.
  • Pretending I had everything together and organized.




None of these worked or were realistic for my business. I constantly have emails coming in and out which has caused some major issues with losing track of tasks. {Not to mention those important meetings and deadlines!) Big, uh-oh! It was getting super messy, disorganized, and made me more overwhelmed than ever before.


Truth: it happens to everyone! In the mix of everything, we sometimes can lose track of (what seems like) everything. Especially when business is good and we get super busy, it gets, even more, harder to remember the little things.


Truth is, it is okay to admit you need help.


I knew something had to change and it started with the organization aspect of my business. I was tired of feeling like I did not have it all together. I did not want to lose out on opportunities to make my business stand out from the rest.


How did I do it? One program: Trello.


Trello changed my business life and how I organize my business as a whole. It allows you to collaborate and organize everything with the power of boards and cards. Trello also allows you the ability to integrate lists, images, documents, and so much more! Take your boards anywhere with you and share them with whoever you wish! Talk about amazing, right?


How does my main board work?


I have my main week task board to house the real juicy tasks of my business. Not related to a client project, these are tasks such as “write a guest blog” or “create new email funnel” that come from my paper planner or are to-dos from my courses I take. Sometimes I have a ton of tasks, while other weeks, not so much.


Currently, I have several main lists across my board with the days of the week. Underneath I have my name, my VA in training, and notes as to if I completed it or need to hold on until the following week. I then file the to-dos underneath the particular day’s today cards to separate them. This makes it easy to identify what is going on!


It has proven helpful to have many different sections to keep everything organized. It allows you to see the whole day picture including what you and your VA is up to. Makes sense, right?


Organization = great flow.


Once the tasks have been completed. simple archive the card to move it away from your present view of the uncompleted cards.  It’s pure magic, my friends.


I do this with the majority of my tasks with my business to keep them organized especially if I end up doing the same item weekly. It saves time as opposed to rewriting it or focusing on trying to hunt down your tasks.


Trello is also great for organizing documents or attaching them to tasks. You can upload the images and documents to the cards to keep everything together. No more forgotten drafts or revisions for your clients! Simply create their own list and have their cards organized with their documents, phone calls, and so much more!


Speaking of lists, checklists got a whole lot easier! Capture your entire project on Trello with its nifty features and focus on a simple design. Not only will Trello help keep you organized, but it will also help increase your productivity.  You will be able to quickly identify the tasks you need to complete and focus on them right away.


What a dream organization for a solopreneur! I know it was for me! Next time, we are going to chat about organizing your website to fit your Client’s flow!


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Ashley Schackow

Ashley via her Blog shares latest tips, tricks, and thoughts about being a female entrepreneur while still working that 9-5, going to school full-time, and building her dream house!
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About Ashley Schackow

Ashley via her Blog shares latest tips, tricks, and thoughts about being a female entrepreneur while still working that 9-5, going to school full-time, and building her dream house!

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