5 Steps to your first clients without spending a dollar

Launched your Business Now what?

Trying to bring your Business Goals to Life?

Introducing a Special Challenge just for you!

Get your First Clients without spending a Dollar 💸 

Time to Skyrocket your Business🚀 from 0 to Success together.


About Me

This is me Sushmita Jain your host a Badass rebel Business Strategist skyrocketing 🚀 entrepreneurs from 0️⃣️ to business success.

I have been working with Startups, as well as Established Businesses since past 7️⃣️ years. It provides me with the edge of experience, helping me strategize Businesses and support you on your Journey as well.

If you ask me what’s my secret weapon?

The answer for that I would say comes from my educational background.
Being an Engineer and Researcher by qualification makes me practically test my strategies before I share them with my Clients as well as the experience with you all via my Blog posts. That way I’m not experimenting on you, like animal testing in the research industry.

“Sushmita goes above and beyond. ”

Sushmita takes that extra mile for you to succeed at your passion project. Very creative and amazing personality.
Melek Abay

Build your Strong Foundation

Your First Client or Early adopters are a very special breed of customers and they mean everything to a business.

Plus, they form the foundation of your Business offering you the Testimonials you need. 


Find your Accountability Buddies

When travelling alone the journey is less fun, add in the fun and connect with Business owners just like you passionate to grow their business.

Join forces and grow together!

Grow Your Business

The first customers will breathe life into your new Business, however that is just the beginning, right?

In these 5 days do more than building your base, participate and leave with strategies that will help you step up and offer the Premium offers to build long-term relations.



“The Advice she gives is Fantastic!”

I can honestly say she is amazing! She does just throw suggestions out, she gets to know you, what your business is, the direction you want to go in. Only then will she begin to help you with strategies and advice. And the advice she gives is fantastic! She’s helped me go forward with my very young business and she can help you too!
Darren Danks

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