5 Steps Challenge

Are You Still Dreaming about Starting your Online Business?

If you are this is a 5-day challenge for you!

A FREE 5-Step Challenge To help you Determine What are the 5 steps to the Execution of your Dream

Stop, wishing & start taking complete control over your Dreams in a matter of few days. Go from Dreaming to Execution of the Business Plan in less time than ever before.

Tanya Lexi Social Media Strategist

Sushmita is an exceptionally talented and intuitive Business Strategist who is passionate about helping entrepreneurs on their journey in transforming their passions to profit. Her expertise comes through effortlessly and I knew instantly that she would help me reach the next level in my business goals. Working with Sushmita enabled me to achieve the breakthrough I needed to prepare to launch my business. During our sessions, her instincts on what I wanted to achieve were always on point. Her approach as a Business Strategist holistic in that she focuses on all aspects of running a business such as the entrepreneur mindset, how to focus on overall health to avoid burnout, how to remain authentic in business and still be successful whilst working with your ideal client. If you have hit a snag in your business journey and need some direction and guidance, reach out to Sushmita and you will not be disappointed!

Fill the Colors of your Choice

Are you a visionary looking forward to transform your vision into Reality? However, overwhelmed from where to begin?

Let me show you the way to bring those dreams in your eyes into reality. 


What is 5-Steps to Launch Your Online Business Challenge

In this 5-Step Challenge I will share with you how you can wake up each day loving what you do.

What I am going to Offer in this free 5-Day challenge are 5 simple steps.

Steps which will not just help you, it will boost the execution of your Dream! 

Must say, it's

more Than a Mere Challenge

Get ready because this FREE 5-Step Challenge created just for you.

I'll see you on the other side.

I look forward to knowing your issues and apart from the planned Challenge offer you Personalized Solutions as well for the queries you will ask.

Don't Think Much Time is a Valuable Resource...

Other's Say

Fall in love with, what you do!

I Say

Work, what you are passionate about!


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My goal is to help you better understand where your passions and talents lie, and how you can use those to start your Business and make your dreams come true!

However, this association will not end here! Looking to help you further Strategize your Business to Growth!