Hello there and welcome to my series “4 FREE WAYS TO INCREASE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY”!


I’m so excited and honored to be here at Sushmita’s website to provide some productivity tips that will take your efficiency in your business to the next level.  Before we get into our first tip, I’d like to take this moment to introduce myself.


My name is Bri Leichliter, and I am the owner of B&L Core Group.  Over the past six years I have been committed to helping business owners and managers increase productivity and increase employee morale by eliminating waste and creating detailed training materials.


My experience includes creating hundreds of processes and procedures as well as performing in-person and cloud based training.  Along with processes and procedures, I have created countless flowcharts, quality assurance instructions, standard operating procedures, and standard work instructions.


To date, I have either written, edited, and reviewed over 100 processes and procedures. Most of the procedures include a flowchart detailing the process at a high level and making for easy visualization.  I pride myself in writing the most detailed processes to make training easy to follow.


With that being said, thank you again for tuning into this blog series, “4 FREE WAYS TO INCREASE BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY”.  If you are a business owner, manager or entrepreneur, you may be feeling like you’re stuck in the mindset of “not enough time.” There are several reasons why this might happen.  Here are just a few:

– You’re an entrepreneur that is building a business and trying to do it all!

– A manager who keeps needing to do more with less – additional tasks with an already overworked staff, workforce reductions, department mergers, etc.

– A business owner who is has all of the responsibility and unsure how to delegate.


It’s tiring just thinking about it!  That brings us to the reason why you are here!  What small things can you do that can make a HUGE impact in your day?




Today, specifically, I would like to focus on the idea of calendar batching, also known as task batching, batching, or blocking.  If you’ve never heard this term before, batching is scheduling specific like tasks in blocks or “batches”.


So what do I mean exactly? Let me give you an example.

If you are active on social media or are a blogger, you know that you need an endless amount of new content to keep your social media pages fresh.  Although that new content can be intermixed with existing content, it still needs to be created. If you need someone to help you with your content, Sushmita can help you!  Check out her services.


Let’s say that you need to create 10 new posts for Facebook.  Each post may require research, copy creation, and visual creation.  For this example, we will say each post takes about 10 minutes each to create.  A normal schedule might be to create this content over the next 5 days at 2 posts per day.  Essentially 20 minutes a day to create two posts.


This might be what your calendar currently looks like.



Unfortunately, when you sit down to do a task, your brain doesn’t always immediately tune into complete focus of doing that specific task.  Maybe it takes you 5-10 minutes to really get warmed up and focused to start creating new content. You might need to grab a cup of coffee, change up the music on your headphones, and settle into your comfy desk chair. So you can see, now that 20 minutes just turned into 30 minutes a day, or 150 minutes a week to perform (2.5 hours).




How is batching different?  Well, instead of taking that task and spreading it over five days, batching blocks out the entire time it takes to perform the task into a single session.  Let’s do the math:

10 posts at 2 posts per day over 5 days = 20 minutes per day or 100 minutes per week

BUT, your brain needs to tune in so….

20 minutes per day + 10 minutes to get focused each time over 5 days = 30 minutes per day or 150 minutes per week

Now we batch…

10 posts in a single day at 10 minutes each = 100 minutes (same as before)

BUT, now look…

100 minutes + 10 minutes to get focused = 110 minutes

By batching, you’re actually saving yourself 40 minutes a week.


Now your calendar will look like this:




This is just one example.  Think about all of the tasks you do on a DAILY basis.  Is it really necessary to do them all daily? 


I’m not sure if you know, but several studies have been done that prove that multi-tasking is actually LESS PRODUCTIVE than focusing on a single task.  Batching supports this!   Your brain is now focused on a single task at hand and it’s scheduled on your calendar. After those first 10 minutes, your brain will be locked into that task and completely focused…continuously.  Not only are you saving time in your week, but now your tasks are more rewarding than mundane and monotonous.


When you have a to-do list, how good does it feel to be able to cross something off?  It’s so much more rewarding to cross off a batched task, then to dread having to do the same work repeatedly over five days.  It can potentially take that task from mundane to exciting!


Your homework for today is to take a look at your DAILY TASKS or your weekly calendar.  What can you batch to be more productive?


If you have trouble figuring out the best way to batch, I’d be happy to help!  Send a message to bri@blcoregroup.com.

Bri Leichliter
Her Work

Bri Leichliter

Bri Leichliter a process and procedure specialist.

She helps managers and entrepreneurs set a solid foundation for business GROWTH to be able to eliminate redundancy in your processes and get yourself set up for OUTSOURCING or hiring employees.
Bri Leichliter
Her Work

About Bri Leichliter

Bri Leichliter a process and procedure specialist. She helps managers and entrepreneurs set a solid foundation for business GROWTH to be able to eliminate redundancy in your processes and get yourself set up for OUTSOURCING or hiring employees.

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  • Cole at SheMonster Media

    Batching just makes so much sense! And even still, I find myself doing things day by day instead of batching like I should. Thanks for the reminder! I love how you broke it down to really show how much time was being wasted.